Swim Assure Pool Cleaning

What We Do

Cleaning and maintenance

On arrival, your engineer will inspect the plant room for leaks or any other problems. The water balance is checked before a thorough valet of your pool is carried out. Once this has been done, the filter is backwashed or the cartridge cleaned before chemicals are added.

Filter servicing

Swimming pool filters are often overlooked but need to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure the clarity of your water. The process involves the removal of existing filter media and replacement with a new, clean product. The laterals and O-rings are checked and replaced if necessary.


If you suspect that your pool is leaking then a thorough inspection can be carried out to detect the problem. Pressure testing of pipe work and visual inspection of the pool shell may be necessary.

Chemical supplier

Only professional pool chemicals are supplied and used by SwimAssure, including FiClor and Acti pool products.

Pool equipment

Pool brushes, poles and nets, spa wands, filter pumps and more all available at Swimassure. We do our best to supply any equipment at the best possible price.

Pressure washing

Patio areas around your pool can become discoloured and covered with algae over time. Pressure washing gives great results to tired paving slabs and coping stones, making your pool inviting again.

Pool builds

SwimAssure works closely with other companies to provide quotes for bespoke swimming pools. A personal service where our team will make your dream pool a reality.

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Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning

Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning

Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning